Forms and Instructions


All volunteers are required to read this information before selecting a route

  • Volunteers should survey their assigned route once during the survey period, after dark. The survey period falls between April 1 and April 15. Each route will have 10 stations, spaced exactly 1 mile apart. A five-minute “passive” listening period for calling owls will be done at each station (no playbacks will be used). Given the number of stations (10/route) and the five-minute listening period, each route surveyed should take less than 2.0 hours to complete.
  • Before taking the Audio Test, you should study owl calls from birding CDs or online sites (such as The Owl Pages or Cornell Lab of Ornithology) in order to be familiar with the different vocalizations of each owl species.
    Volunteers are required to become on-line certified prior to conducting a survey.
  • Volunteers record every owl species detected on a data sheet, including direction and estimated distance to each owl. At each station, volunteers will record the time, temperature, moon visibility, cloud cover, precipitation level and type, wind speed, snow cover and depth, and noise level.

You can open the following forms by clicking on the links. After you have opened each file, you can either print it or save it to your computer. You need Acrobat Reader to open these documents (and the owl monitoring reports).

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